Sautéed not Stirred


posted by Pallu Newatia on August 31st, 2020
What do you do when you have a box full of Cheese Butter Cream frosting leftover after dressing a cake?
Bake another cake and use it is always an option of course. But I didn't want to do that as too many cakes had been baked in the week and also, that would mean using many more ingredients, (investing in a suit because you have a good tie, is what my brother would define it as) the idea was to keep the inputs low but not compromise on the final product.

So Cookies it was !!!!

Since the buttercream had the sugar whipped in already, I just had to figure out the flour ratio.
I started off with equal quantity, with a dash of milk and a pinch of Baking soda to ensure some rise.
The first batch with this combination didn't quite come out right, it tasted good but the mouthfeel was just not right. It was neither chewy nor crispy.
In the second batch, I reduced the flour and added an egg and substituted the baking soda with baking powder, since I wanted them to look good too, I added a dash of milk to make the dough pipeable.

Using a star nozzle I piped out the dough into swirl shapes and baked them.
They turned out super!!! they had a good rise, a good crunchy texture but there was still some room for improvement, since I had used cheese frosting, the sugar was a tad low for a cookie, so the next batch I sprinkled some sugar on them before baking - result........ even better :)

My experimenting didn't end here though.
Once cooled, I felt they still needed that special zing, so I sandwiched them with some marmalade and voila!!! I had some amazing Orange cookies at hand.

The jam though, did end up making them soft after the first few hours, but they turned into these amazing chewy, soft and orangey flavour bombs.

The entire idea of this post is - any leftover in the kitchen can be presented in a new avatar with minimum additions and thoughtful combinations.
Nothing in the kitchen should ever go to waste. 
Leftover veggies can be tossed with rice or pasta or used as fillings for burritos and rolls, and your next meal is sorted.
Currys and dals can be mixed with flour and made into paranthas (flatbread) which are great for packed lunches, easy to eat and still a complete meal.

Its like a blank canvas to experiment with and get your creative juices going.

Lets not waste food, we are already wasting our planet in order to grow our food.

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