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Cooking stimulates me, it helps me relax and also keeps me awake at nights. Dreaming up flavour combinations and ways to incorporate my latest nugget of information into  the next meal. 

For me, cooking is a little Art and a whole lot of Science. Though having been on this journey for almost 30 years, it still amazes me. The deeper I go into it, the more I realise there is to learn. 

Anybody who cooks is my teacher, whether they are an accomplished Michelin star chef or are homemakers who cook everyday to get food on the table for their family. 

This blog is not just about recipes and what I cook, but also learnings from the journey and lives of these amazing people.

Oranges and lemons -II
As promised in the earlier post on the Orange Cake. I finally got around to trying the same recipe for a Lemon cake as well.

The Lemons, or Lime that we usually get in India are not really the kind I like to use in a cake, primarily because they have a very thin skin and its almost impossible to get a good quantity of zest out of it, they also tend to be very high on the sour quotient. Having said that, I never shy away from making a regular Lemon drizzle cake with the Indian Limes as well…
What do you do when you have a box full of Cheese Butter Cream frosting leftover after dressing a cake?
Bake another cake and use it is always an option of course. But I didn't want to do that as too many cakes had been baked in the week and also, that would mean using many more ingredients, (investing in a suit because you have a good tie, is what my brother would define it as) the idea was to keep the inputs low but not compromise on the final product.

So Cookies it was !!!!

Since the buttercream had…
Oranges and Lemons

Almond and Orange Cake

I get attracted to Oranges and Lemons and most citrus like a moth to a flame. Though I like to use citrus in both savoury and sweet dishes, the combination of citrus and sweet is absolutely divine and unbeatable.

I have many versions of lemon and orange cakes, cookies, pies and tarts in my arsenal but am still always on the lookout for more, so when I caught a glimpse of this Orange Almond cake, it immediately caught my fancy. Almonds being my second favourite component to cook with. They lend themselves beautifully to most accompanying…

Cooking is an amalgamation of many elements coming together in the right proportions to achieve the final result, of these, Fire plays the most important role. Though there are instances of curing meats and vegetables in citrus in a lot of cultures and cuisines, fire still remains the main stay of cooking all across the globe.

Humans have been cooking food on open fire for centuries, as I read somewhere, that it all began when a farmer's hut burnt down, along with the sty which was connected to it and the farmer's child poked his finger in the sow to…

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